A lot of people say that Internet marketing is a business and that being an Internet marketer is a profession. This is such a misuse of the terminology that I don’t even know where to start in order to clear it up. But I’m sure going to try. In this article, I’m going to explain exactly what Internet marketing is, what an Internet marketer is, and why so many people aren’t what they say they are.

Let’s start with Internet marketing. Internet marketing is simply using the Internet as a means to market their goods and/or services online. An Internet marketer is somebody who does this. However, none of these two things is a business by itself UNLESS…well, I’ll get to the unless in a moment. Point is, these are just vehicles for getting your stuff from point A to point B.

For example, I sell many products online. I sell books on how to write articles, salescopy, make money and many other things. That doesn’t make me an Internet marketer. It makes me an information specialist. Chris Knight who owns EzineArticles is an article directory owner. The fact that he utilizes the Internet in order to get people to submit articles to his directory doesn’t make him an IMer. That is not a business in itself. It is just a way to sell your stuff.

Now, if your business happens to be getting traffic and prospects for other people in order for them to sell THEIR stuff, then you might be able to say that you are a marketing specialist…but that still doesn’t limit you to using the Internet. I could go on TV and do an infomercial about how I could help you sell your stuff online without ever actually creating an online presence. The vehicle has nothing to do with the business itself. I mean think about it. Do we call ourselves TV marketers or radio marketers? No, we’re just marketers, if that is in fact our main business…promoting the stuff that other people make. In that case, we might call ourselves affiliate marketers. But you can still do that online or offline. Again, the medium itself is just the vehicle.

I am not an Internet marketer. I may use the Internet, but that’s all I do. I sell informational products. I am an informational specialist, a copywriter, an article writer, a consultant and a coach.

I am not a…well, you get the picture.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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