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This is a Review of Hard Cash Hijack.

Hard Cash Hijack from Mike Auton and Chris X has been announced very recently.

Who are the creators

I want to first introduce the 2 guys that are making Hard Chash Hijack happen. The first guy needs no introduction. Most of you will know who Chris X is but for those guys who have had their head in the sand the past few years let me fill you in.

Chris X has been dominating

Is there a secret formula for successfully marketing ClickBank products? Many people are led to believe that there is and that there are only an elite few that know the secret to success.

Actually, understanding ClickBank is not rocket science, nor is making an income out of marketing their vendors’ products as difficult as you may have been led to believe.

In fact there are approximately 100,000 ClickBank affiliate account holders – that’s 100,000 people marketing ClickBank products.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are successful or even active.

And don’t be discouraged – there are 42,694 ClickBank products to choose from that you could potentially market. That’s a lot of products over a wide range of topics to choose from.

Okay, so you’ve got a ClickBank account, you know your way around the site, you’ve chosen a couple of products you want to promote…

Now what…?

This is where understanding ClickBank and having done all of the above is not quite enough to start generating income (don’t lose me here, okay?) – you have to market these products, and this is where you will either fly or fall.

Understanding ClickBank is a great step in the right direction to flying, but this is not where your learning must end – you also need to understand where and how to market your products.

Again, this is not rocket science.

You also need to have a basic to medium understanding of Google and how to ensure that your product promotions get ranked on their search engines. This can be done in several different ways, and some marketing methods are more cost effective than others:

  • pay per click advertising (can cost you a fair bit of money)
  • article marketing (an intelligent and free way to promote your ClickBank products)
  • cost per action advertising (can be very costly)
  • email marketing (can be costly and you have to have an email database that you can target)
  • classified adverts (usually free)

Once you have researched these affiliate marketing techniques, you will soon see what I mean when I say that understanding ClickBank is not the only knowledge you require in order to be successful.

Last (but certainly not least), once you have chosen your preferred marketing technique, you to stick with your marketing campaign. I have found that by setting yourself goals, writing action lists, and working on your ClickBank affiliate marketing business every single day is vital for the success of your endeavors.

Good luck and here’s to your ClickBank success!

for the last few years, with as many as 5 number 1 products to his name. His most recent launch was Affiliate X which rewrote the rulebook of affiliate marketing. The product grossed thousands and still brings him hundreds of sales today.

This links me in to Mike Auton the second guy who is making Hard Cash Hijack a thing of beauty. You see Affiliate X was not all Chris’s work. Mike gave insider intel to the product revealing some of secrets. He said “I had so many other “secrets” it only seemed fair.”

I recently asked Mike to explain how Hard Cash Hijack came about and here is what he had to say:

How it all started

Just under a year ago I received an email from an affiliate and product creator I call “the Hijacker” who was killing it.

He was making thousands of dollars a DAY from the 85% of traffic Google has no control over…

…and he didn’t use any of the “old school”, tired methods most guys are still using…

I was curious to know more, so I asked him to show me how he managed to dump Google…

…and make “day job killing” DAILY sales without using a JV network, PPC, SEO, Twitter, Article Writing, Social Networking, Email Marketing…

…. or any of the other complicated, expensive methods most of us are still trying to make a buck from…

This is what I discovered…

The Hijacker had created secret automated software that allowed him to bank $1986.47 a day, but it didn’t have a name…

Until now…

This is what I discovered about the “Hard Cash Hijack” Software he used to become a super affiliate and dominate competive niches…

It works for anyone! If you’re a newbie affiliate or six / seven figure guru, you’ll be able to use this automated software to half your costs

and quadruple your sales…

“Hard Cash Hijack” works in ALL niches – yes we’re talking IM, FOREX, Weight Loss, you name the niche, this software will unlock the doors to a TON of traffic 99% of affiliates don’t even know exists…

Pick a niche that is less competitive and you can BECOME that niche within days…we’ll show you how!

Hard Cash Hijack: What’s In It?

I am so pumped about this product as I know that these guys produce the goods.

I do however always approach with caution and this product is not without its flaws. Mike has granted me permission to review Hard Cash Hijack before its launch on April 27th. I explained that my readers will want the honest truth about his product and not some made up jack in the box some of the reviewers show.

I will have an in depth review very soon for you so stay tuned and bookmark the page,

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ClickBank is privately held with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc. All products and services offered by Keynetics or its subsidiaries are subject to the ClickBank Legal Notice.

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