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Social Profit Formula Review

As you know, interest is much more intense today — and countless individuals and companies are trying to figure out the best ways to profit from social media.  “Social Profit Formula” will finally give them the answers — and the profits — they’re looking for.

The Social Profit Formula Course is broken down into 6 modules all taught through video. As you know I enjoy video courses the most as it enables you to not only learn the theory being taught but also to see things hands on.

Lets now break down all the parts that come through this social profit sector.

Module 1: Social Marketing Quick Start

This module focuses on helping you to start making money using social media immediately. It teaches a simple, proven formula that can usually be executed in less than 20 minutes per day. It’s truly a fast start guide to going from nothing to social media success in no time at all! Plus, this module introduces you to Status Syndicator, our powerful, time saving tool for quickly achieving social media success!

The modules that follow build on the foundational system from Module 1, teaching additional techniques and formulas, plus helping you understand why each technique works, enabling you to easily adapt these formulas for your own business and interests.

Module 2: Microblogging

This module comes second in line, because of all the social media tools, microblogging is the easiest and fastest to build into a profitable source of traffic and credibility. It probes the world of Twitter, Foursquare and other micro-blogging sites, teaching you how to build a tightly-targeted audience and communicate with them in a way that creates trust and that trains them to consistently do what you ask them to do (clicking on links and taking specific actions.) Plus, this module introduces you to our powerful social media tracking tool, enabling you to painlessly track real-time mentions of whatever keywords you wish, keeping your pulse on the market and enabling you to proactively engage key audiences with answers to their questions and issues.

Module 3: Content Sharing Sites and Blogging

Many people overlook the power of blogging, but in reality, a strong blog is the cornerstone of any successful social media effort. This module teaches how to optimize your blog, turn it into a cash cow, and send tons of carefully-prepped traffic from it into your money sites. Plus, it provides indepth coverage of content sharing sites – sites where you can post articles and other content, generating SEO link credit, credibility, and a steady stream of traffic that literally pays benefits for years!

Module 4: Social Networking Sites

With a firm understanding of successful social media strategies and techniques under your belt, it’s now time to turn to the powerhouse social networking sites like Facebook and other social networking giants (you do know that Facebook isn’t the biggest social network, right?) This module teaches how to use those sites to build business without offending your audience and driving them away. It also shows some sweet techniques to gather and steer followers that generates consistent streams of profitable, trusting traffic.

Module 5: Online Video

For the vast majority of companies, online video is the tool that has the highest potential to build sales, yet is the most underutilized technique in the online marketer’s toolbox. This module teaches how to quickly and easily create, distribute, and syndicate powerful videos that bring customers to your door ready to do your bidding. It also teaches how to integrate video into other areas of your online marketing to take everything you do to a higher level of performance.

Module 6: Integrating Social Marketing

Most people don’t realize that the real power of social media lies in the way that you integrate the different tools, strategies and techniques across each of the major social sites, your mobile presence and your sites, blogs, and stores. This module brings everything else learned in the course into a single, integrated whole, that puts you and your message in front of customers wherever they are online and continues that social, participative pattern in your existing web properties. It’s a fitting end to a powerful, results-oriented course.

Each module features multiple videos, each designed to teach a specific principle, strategy or technique. Modules will also include note-taking guides, workbooks, assignments, and transcripts to optimize the learning process.

Modules will be taught in two-week cycles. Week 1: Learn. Week 2: Earn.

Each module will also contain weekly training and question/answer webinars and a forum based on each video, so that questions can be answered and discussed in a simple, logical way.

Finally, what I discovered was that they will regularly survey everyone, to keep the course relevant, and to enable quick shifts to repair any areas of improvement.

In essence, this course focuses on:

  1. What works in social media
  2. What doesn’t work in social media (so that you don’t waste your time doing it.)
  3. How to best utilize those sites that work to build your business.

I would normally write a conclusion at the end of this Social Profit Formula Review but I was so impressed by what the creator

Don Crowther helps companies build their traffic, sales and profits online.

As a leading Internet marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer and speaker, Don has helped thousands of companies worldwide to increase the traffic to their sites, to build their social media presence and impact, and to improve their website conversion.

Just The Facts

Unlike other so-called experts who teach concepts that theoretically ought to work, Don is rigorous at identifying, testing, proving, and developing strategies and tactics that work in real-life competitive marketplaces. If you’re hearing something from Don, you can rest assured that it’s been real-world tested and proven to work, and work well!

Don Teaches From Experience, Not Just Theory

Don’s teachings come from decades on in-the-trenches experiences building incremental sales and profits as the:

  • Founder and President of five successful companies
  • Developer and Webmaster of over 250 quality websites
  • Marketing manager for some of the world’s most successful brands at marketing powerhouses like Kimberly-Clark, ConAgra, and SC Johnson
  • Marketing, strategy and ethics instructor for the world’s largest accredited online university
  • Author of three books and hundreds of published articles
  • Holder of university degrees in Marketing and Humanities and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business
  • Publisher of several popular newsletters, dozens of ebooks, CD’s and other products

Don is the creator of the world’s best-selling course on building business using social media. This course, called SMARTS (short for Social MARketing Traffic Strategies) generated over $3 million in sales in just 10 days, and taught over 2000 people how to increase their traffic, sales and reputation using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, HubPages, Squidoo and many more. Don is currently focused on developing his next social media marketing training system, which should be available in 2nd Quarter 2010.

had to say I will post it here and then you be the judge on how strong this course is.

“Just to convince them that I’m absolutely serious about the fact that this will work for their specific business, it also comes with my personal “I’m so convinced that this will work for you that I’ll pay you $2500 if you don’t make money” guarantee. Here’s how it works: they take this course. If, after a year, they can show me that they have executed at least half of what I taught in the Social Profit Formula course, the way I taught them to execute it, and they didn’t make back at least the amount they paid for the course, they can simply let me know and I will write them a personal check for their complete purchase price PLUS I’ll throw in an extra $500 as a token of my good faith.”


Social Profit Formula Review

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Now I dont want everyone to miss out so the following everyone will get if they purchase from myself.

Here are just a few of the many aspects covered in the guide:

Step by step instructions on how to exploit Yahoo! Answers as a way of powering up your website with fresh, targeted traffic in seconds! This is also one of the easiest methods of conducting niche research quickly and easily!
Forget time consuming traffic strategies like article marketing.. With a handful of simple messages you can instantly broadcast your product launch in front of thousands of flaming hot prospects, absolutely free!
Find out how you can use the popularity of twitter to give your website an instant shot of adrenaline and flood your server with more traffic than it can handle! (Prepare for a complete meltdown!)
Follow along as I show you how to manipulate Stumble Upon, so that you are able to put your website in your target audience’s direct line of sight! This is hands down, one of the easiest ways to drive in hungry buyers and subscribers!
Discover the insider secrets to total Facebook domination and build a loyal following quickly and easily with only 15 minutes a day! This strategy alone has the potential to change your online business forever..
Set up a complete traffic generation system, all on complete auto-pilot! With the combined force of half a dozen massive social communities, you can keep the momentum going so that is consistently sends FLOODS of traffic to your site!
Follow a PROVEN strategy for placing your website on PRIME real estate using MyBlogLog! This is a surefire strategy to jump-starting a blog, effortlessly!

I am adding a new bonus each day so check back tomorrow for what else is coming your way.

Please do visit the Official Social Profit Formula Site.

Social Profit Formula Bonus

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