This is a Review of Traffic Omega.

Desmond Ong launches Traffic Omega Tuesday, May 11th 2010 and as usual I will have a copy before so that I can go through

what is on offer to give you, my readers the honest review.  So far the video above gives as much as I can tell you about Traffic Omega.

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the page so that you can return when I have my Traffic Omega Review up.

What is Traffic Omega?

So precisely what is Traffic Omega? It seems like an appealing name but if you were to spend cash buying the system, you would like to know precisely what you will be getting, wouldn’t you?

At this time there is extremely little information available but I have been fortunate enough to obtain insider’s info from this product creator Desmond Ong. And it’s this that he explained.

Traffic Omegacan be described as 5 week live training course.

The whole course includes videos, audios, webinars, weekly Q & A calls and much more. You will also get templates, PDFs to help you easily copy and paste into your campaigns.

You will additionally get recordings of Desmond grilled several big name Internet marketing gurus to get them to spill out each of their secrets. These interviews contain information that may be worth 1000s of dollars.

Also, the course doesn’t end at Week 5. Desmond is going to be continuously adding new content all throughout the year which means you will always be kept updated to the newest development and be notified any new techniques he invents.

To sum up, what you will learn is focused on TRAFFIC! You will see how to develop a subscriber base, create your own personal products using Traffic Omega tactics. Ultimately it’s about getting visitors or traffic and converting that traffic into sales.

On top of that, Traffic Omega has nothing related to SEO, PPC, and PPV.

I have listed a few things I discovered Traffic Omega can do for you.

1. Offer additional value in your website. For affiliates and associates place the links for their own sites as well as products and encourage them to do precisely the same for you. You may even advertise their books or video tutorials, if ever the products relate with your field and are not competing along with your own merchandise.

2. Revise the webpages on your web site often. Stagnant web sites are dropped by many search engines. It’s also possible to place a date counter using Traffic Omega on the internet page to indicate at what time it was previously updated.

3. You may allow users to ‘opt in’ to obtain special discounts in addition to special deals. Put a hyperlink on your site to compel users to ‘opt in’ to obtain a regular monthly e-zine or valuable discount coupons.

4. Another trick from Traffic Omega is to add a hyperlink ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ so that the guest can e-mail your site hyperlink, using a prewritten title, “Thought you might be interested in this”, just by clicking on it.

5. Generate a FAQ page which addresses the majority of the doubts and clarifications about your product or service or your business in which could be asked. This helps care for most of the clients inquiries within their first trip to your website.

6. Brand your site with the intention that readers always recognize they are on your web-site. Another useful tips from Traffic Omega. Make use of consistent colors, logos in addition to slogans and always provide a ‘Contact Us’ link on every page.

7. Place in a link to your primary page using a script ‘Book Mark or Add this website to your Favorites’.

8. Make a ‘Our Policies’ web page of which clearly specifies your viewpoint and principles in working with your web visitors. Also publish your online privacy policy also to ensure clients know they’re safe when they visit your website.

9. Make sure that each and every page on your website includes suitable titles in addition to keyword phrases so that your prospect can discover their way to come back to your site should they lose the book mark.

10. In no way spam a client, who’s opted for newsletters, with unrequested emails. That’s not what Traffic Omega is about. Afterwards whenever they decide they want to ‘opt out’ of the mailings, ensure you honor their request and take them off the email list. They may still come back should they like your products and services. Nevertheless they will surely not come back in case you continue to flood their e-mail box with mails they don’t want to receive.

What can I learn each week with Traffic Omega?

Week 1

1. Building your own squeeze page & list. The templates and special techniques are included in the system. Use the templates which have been tested and proven to sell will cut your cost and time in half.

2. The Blog Hijacking Method. Desmond said this can be a “SEO method without actually doing the SEO.” If that’s true then this is really dream come true. SEO is getting free traffic which is great but it takes lots of hard work. If you can get SEO traffic without actually doing all the work then it might be very powerful. Of course you will only learn the details after you have the course. But this is based on leveraging existing high-ranking blogs to boost the ranking of your family sites.

3. The Spike Method. This is an advanced forum marketing trick. Typically forum marketing involves in posting discussions on forums to get inbound links. This is labor intensive and to be honest, who really has the time to write these forum posts every day? With The Spike Method in Traffic Omega, you will be doing the forum marketing in a whole new way.

4. Facebook Fan Page & Group. Have you heard people saying Facebook is dead? The people on Facebook just don’t buy. Well, they are dead wrong. Facebook people are very protective on their community so you must not approach them appearing pushy or salesy. The course is going to teach you how to build your Facebook fan page methods to attract tons of fans that come avid buyers.

5. The Pirate Method. Desmond assures us this is absolutely legal. It does not involve in any DMCA or Copyright violation. It’s simply a sneak way of redirecting traffic from high ranking sites to your own sites.

Week 2

In week 2 you will discover how to super boost your traffic and profits.

Become familiar with media buying on YouTube. Media-buy is nothing new. In fact, most big shot Internet marketers make their fortune not from Google Adwords, but from media buying. This enables them to reach 85% of internet surfers that aren’t reachable from Adwords. Are you aware you can do media-buy with YouTube? Now become familiar with that from Traffic Omega.

Also, in week 2 it will talk about YouTube Channel buying and how to piggyback YouTube traffic to boost your own.

Other topics includes Video Marketing (not the traditional way people use to). Desmond will also reveal how to do media-buy cheaply. This is his secret weapon and it enables newbie marketers to play the game the big guys are playing. This really level the play field and give most people a chance to succeed.

Another topic in Week 2 is the Lead Stealer Method. This is another Desmond’s secret weapon. He will show you how you can legally and ethically “steal” leads from other marketers. In fact, Desmond used this techniques to grab over 4000 leads in one week.

Week 3

Week 3 is about turbo-charge your web business. In this week Desmond is going to reveal yet another 2 of his secret weapons – YouTube PPCs and Google TV ads.

Now, we all know you can do YouTube with video marketing. But that’s old news and millions affiliate marketers are already doing that. But do you know that you can do PPC on YouTube? Not only that, are you aware how to do it with insanely low bid price? Well, if your answers are NO, then you won’t want to miss Traffic Omega.

Additionally, you will be learning about Facebook PPC in week 3. Many have tried Facebook PPC and have failed because they don’t understand the dynamics in Facebook community. You see, you can’t just throw Google Adwords ads on Facebook and expect them to convert. It just doesn’t work that way. In fact, doing so will probably quickly get your account banned.

Desmond has cracked the Facebook code and now revealing it in Traffic Omega exclusively.

More in week 3. Become familiar with the Product Funnel System and using social media (with a twist!) to drive targeted traffic.

Another jam packed week with Traffic Omega and lots to learn!

Week 4

This week it’s about growing and expanding your online business. Desmond will reveal his “Blog Snatch” method. This is a new technique he developed that allow him to legally hijack the traffic from high ranking, high traffic blogs. It accounts for getting his 4,000 opt-in list in 2 weeks.

Another thing he will be teaching is his SMP Method. This is basically how to make money with Traffic Omega without a web site, or a list. Do you think it’s impossible to make money online without a web site or a list? Well, think again. You’ll be very surprised if you notice the SMP Method.

This method enables you to build your campaigns in lightening speed. You will be able to quickly test campaigns. Keep the winners, ditch the losers. Then all you’ve got to do is repeat all over again.

Finally in week 4, you’re going to get Desmond’s Pyramid Stacking method. It teaches you how to expand your winning campaigns. Most affiliates, when they find a winner that’s making them $50 a day, they are satisfied with it and proceed to something else. But what they didn’t know is, they are leaving money on the table.

If you have something that’s making you $50 a day, you are just barely scratching the surface. You’ve found a golden nugget and now you have to dig it deeper. Explore the market from every angle. You might easily go from $50 a day to $1000 a day.

Week 5

In this week you will get another “Ultimate Cool” secret weapon from Desmon. It’s the Viral Omega Script – a specially designed software for viral “Buzz” marketing. What is Viral Buzz Marketing? As it would seem, it is made to catch the latest “buzz” on the web and ride the trend for as long as you can.

With the “buzz” comes the traffic – huge amount of traffic. Viral Buzz Marketing in Traffic Omega lets you monetize this traffic and convert these visitors into sales.

Also, in week 5 you will be learning more about the SMP method that was introduced in Week 4. This week Desmond will show you how to expand the SMP method to take your business to to the next stage.

In addition, you will learn more on Media Buying – how to negotiate with web masters to find the lowest possible rate for your ads. He will also reveal several secret resources where you can get your ads placed with virtually no competitions.

So sounds like another jam-packed week that you don’t want to miss.

The course doesn’t end with Week 5, however. Desmond is trying to create a Traffic Omega community where you get master mind groups exchanging new ideas and techniques. You will also get training on product creation and list building. Don’t forget there will be live events and seminars after the 5 weeks end.

Determined by what I’ve seen, this program will sell out fast so you have to be at your computer at 12:00 ESTon 11th May so not to miss out.

This is a Review of Traffic Omega.

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